What is AI Strategy?

TWO Definitions of AI Strategy

FIRST Definition: AI as a New Technology Tool for Business

AI STRATEGY refers to a plan or approach for how an organization will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve its goals and objectives. It involves identifying opportunities to use AI to create value, selecting the right AI technologies, and developing a roadmap for their implementation.

An effective AI strategy should consider the organization’s business goals and needs, as well as the capabilities and limitations of AI technologies.

It should also consider ethical and societal implications of AI use, such as data privacy, bias, and transparency.

AI strategy may involve initiatives such as developing new products or services that incorporate AI, automating business processes to increase efficiency, or using AI to improve customer experience or decision-making.

It may also involve building or acquiring AI capabilities, such as hiring data scientists or partnering with AI vendors.

Overall, AI strategy should align with the organization’s omnicomprehensive strategy and be integrated into its broader business plan.

SECOND Definition: AI as a Game Changer

Artificial Intelligence is starting to show a level of maturity which proves it will revolutionalize our Society and the way we conceive Business.

As a result, it is no longer a matter of how to use it to strengthen a Market Position or adding value.

AI STRATEGY is a matter of leveraging AI to re-design the way we think about our business from the ground up.

We’ll have to imagine a new set of landscapes which are indeed brand new and then show which steps to undertake to move from where we are to where we will want to be.

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