INTELLIGENCE appears to be a spontaneous phenomenon rising from complexity.


This was a great question to answer for many years.

We, as human beings, believe(d) to be UNIQUE for a reason, and a reason ONLY:

we (and only we) are (were) intelligent, we (and only we) are (were) creative.

And if us and only us are intelligent and all the other living beings are not, then it means INTELLIGENCE is (was) a VERY DIFFICULT mechanism to replicate, maybe even IMPOSSIBLE to replicate.

“As we learnt from flight science,
we don’t need
to flap the wings to fly.

One morning, we woke up and became aware that somehow, putting together very powerful hardware,
a lot of information, and a brand new generative algorithm, we got something which, most of the times, is as smart as humans, but without the complexity of our brain.

This raises (at least) three points:

  1. We are not so unique as we thought to be
  2. We are no longer alone with our primary skill
  3. We need a Strategy to work this out

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Marco Terribile
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