Artificial Intelligence and Best Practices

In recent times, apparently all of a sudden, Artificial Intelligence has reached a tipping point.

For many decades it has been considered an interesting topic (“the topic”, I’d say) for pioneers, dreamers, and a restricted group of scientists on one side and a technology not yet mature – and possibly quite far from reaching any sort of concrete maturity in the short term – for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Professionals on the other.

But as we all experience on a daily basis, technology does not grow and evolve linearly: it looks like it is accelerating and growing at an exponential rate, so that apparently great distances may be covered in years instead of decades and months instead of years.

Artificial Intelligence does not skip this law which drives progress and is now ready to be leveraged – possibly at the maximum extent – to create value for Companies and for Citizens.

Question is: how?

We are all used – at least in the last couple of decades – to invest in Information Technology to transform our society and have it faster, smarter and more precise (and possibly with less and less need of intermediate layers or experts) using an approach which has proved to be on a safe angle and – at the same time – a constraint: the existence of Best Practices, meaning examples to start from which are already “working fine”. This approach – while reducing somehow the creativity and divergent thinking – leads to a more controlled project risk and typically secures the results.

Artificial Intelligence breaks the rules: what this science and technology might bring into our lives has still to be invented and the combination of the AI Bricks – the fundamental algorithms and services which AI may and will provide – appears to be limitless.

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Marco Terribile
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